Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Parsippany, New Jersey

Remember the first part of Karate Kid when 'the kid' shows up at the hotel for the first time? This is before he gets his ass handed to him by the bully fella on the beach. Anyways, he passes an old lady sitting by the pool and they exchange this gem of screen writing. By the way, I'm in Parsippany tonight, for work. I know you think it is, but really it's not exciting.

This place is a dump.
You should go back to New Jersey.

How did you know where I was from?

'Cause I'm from New Jersey.
I got a nose for my own.

- Well what part?
- Parsippany.

- I never should've left.
- My Uncle Louie's from

- Louie Martini?
- Louie LaRusso.

Louie LaRusso? Don't know him.

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