Sunday, December 30, 2007

Murphy Update

Back from the holiday trip to Dallas, but unfortunately while we were away poor pup Murphy was really sick. The dog sitters, friends from work, did a great job of cleaning up after him and comforting him, so we're glad to have them be so heroic, what a tough dog sitting gig we stuck them with! Murphy is hacking up goo hourly almost, I was up at 4am comforting him on his dog bed because he was whimpering loud enough to wake me, so it's tough times. We took him to the vet first thing in the morning and they think he's got Pancreatitis (read what that is here) so it's going to be a few days in the pet hospital for him treating it. Bummer. Not cheap either. I'm pondering selling a kidney to help pay for it. Either way, it's worth it of course. There's a ton of stuff that I need to update the blog with regarding the Dallas trip, and I'll get to those shortly. It was great to be in Dallas and I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family and even better to be marrying into another great family. Ok, now back to cleaning up dog puke off the carpet. : )

Friday, December 21, 2007

Should Have Taken the Crazy Train

We're about to head to Dallas for Christmas. I'm about to charge up the iPod, load up on magazines and a finally get ready to read that book I've been unable to get to all as the antidote to the drudgery of the holiday airport experience. Unfortunately I ran across this note that we'll be at SEATAC at exactly the wrong time. Nice. Oh well, it'll be nice to be home again so it's all worth it.
10. Chicago (MDW) 10-11pm

9. New York (JFK) 7-8pm

8. Seattle (SEA) 10-11pm
7. Chicago (ORD) 8-9pm

6. Miami (MIA) 10-11pm

5. Atlanta (ATL) 9-10pm

4. Philadelphia (PHL) 7-8pm

3. New York (LGA) 7-9pm

2. San Francisco (SFO) 10-11pm

1. Newark (EWR) 5-6pm

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elevator Speech

Heard today in the elevator at work, Woman: "Yeah, they don't wear men's volleyball shoes here. In Europe you can get them." Man's reply: "I guess it's like pickleball shoes. Its impossible to find pickleball shoes."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Break Beat Street

That last post was intense, so let me lighten the mood with some flute funk, and yes there is such a thing. Let go of that inner band nerd you've had in a headlock for 20 years and and check this guy out:

C is for Creighton...and Cookie

Let's all learn from Cookie Monster: go wholeheartedly and enjoy. Let's all recite Master Cookie Monster's mantra together: Om nom nom nom! By the way did you know that Cookie Monster's original name was Sid? Vicious? Siddhartha? We have so much to learn from this master.

Safety notice: Please disregard the new cookie monster, the vegetable eating one. He's a false idol.

Friday, December 14, 2007

BMW Brainwashed

How's this for a great pic of the new BMW 1200GS(A) motorcycle? If all goes well and the Amazon stock stays high this glorious piece of German (my people!) engineering might be in my driveway this Spring.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What I'm Getting Lindsay for Christmas

I think I found the perfect gift for Lindsay, this unicorn poster. The lady selling it on Craigslist assured me it's what every woman wants this year. For the asking price of $10, it's out of my budget but I treat my lady right!

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Just Like A Mini Mall

Why am I the last to hear about this kind of stuff? Apparently this was on the Ellen Degeneres show last year...that might explain why I missed it. Anyways, I guarantee that with in seconds you'll be singing along, and hours later you'll be humming it and I'm pretty sure in a few months Filipino prisoners will be dancing to it. This guy is a marking genius.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Eat Our Young

Hot off the press, and hot out of the oven, the most recent addition to the Yost family are here. They need names and good homes. If no good homes are found they'll be adopted by my stomach. Too slow! Lindsay and I have already taken to eating our young and have devoured a snowflake and reindeer.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Killer

Well, all the snow melted overnight and now it's pouring cold rain. I've abandoned plans to work in the yard and I'm about to abandon a half baked plan to go to Home Depot for a new thermostat too. I'm killing way too much time at home, played a video game for a while, surfed craigslist for motorcycles and ran across this interesting site about that tells me I'm 12,483 days old and born on a Friday.

At least I got the motorcycle show in on Friday. I've been thinking about it a lot too. It was good, but I'd give it a
C+ this year. As I explained to some friends, it was like a strip club. Lots of teasing and fantasizing with a no touch policy. Maybe it's the curmudgeon in me but I was there shop and maybe learn about some new models. I was once again put off my the Harley zealots. Nice bikes (kinda) but the brainwashing of the HD crowd is at an all time high. I really just wanted to see a few rare models I'd been researching online and compare them side by side. Plus the new BMW F800GS (not for sale until March) was there [drool] so I could compare it to the BMW 1200GS to replace my F650GS. Anyways, I was turned off my all the marketing. A little too much fantasy and not enough riding. Fat guys draping themselves over a Harley and saying, 'I want this one, but [excuse here]' or high school kids dry humping a Jap bikes in full tuck asking, 'how fast?' showing disappointment when the rep says, "it'll top out at 170". There were some cool vintage bikes, and some trippy forward thinking bikes, so it was worth it, but all it really did is make me go home and plot out what route I'll take on my cross county trip someday. Just me on the road, two wheels, leaning in the corners.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stay Classy (Snowy) Genesee Hill

A few snapshots of us excited experiencing the snowfall.

Genesee Hill Snow

Ignore the 'all hell broke loose because people can't drive in the snow' sirens in the background (I suggest pressing mute) and you can see that a lovely 1st of December delivery came our way. A perfectly timed holiday snow, as seen from the back deck of the new house. Note Murphy working on eating every earth bound flake he can get his snout on. I'll update with some new video tomorrow of the results. Looks like we've doubled what you see here already.