Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's That Buzzing Sound?

How neat is this? It's a hornet's nest in a tree just a few houses down from us.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Recap: Been There Did That.

What didn't we do on Saturday? After a night out on Friday, dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, we walked all the way up California Ave to Blackbird for drinks, discovering a few new places along the way we'd like to check out soon. Waking early on Saturday we headed to Alki beach to explore the low tide and marine layer fog before everyone else was awake. Our local West Seattle blog published a few of my pics (the ones here) that I sent in of the beautiful sea scape that morning in fact. The low tide made for some interesting views, especially the guy watching the ferry in ankle deep water 30 yards from shore. We grabbed some breakfast at one of our favorite beach front spots across the street, at Alki Cafe (where both of our moms have eaten with us) and watched a BBQ contest set up on the seawall and headed out for some errands. First to Home Depot to get a new bathroom cabinet, and then off to see good friend, and soccer master, Paul coach his Tacoma Blue Huskies soccer team at a nearby park. A late lunch at home, watching the last part of the Notre Dame vs Michigan football game, and then back to the action. I used the late afternoon sun to finish up most of the rock wall extension to the back gate with a concrete pour and some simple mason work (all the rock touching the gate is new, extended about 3 feet from the existing wall) and topped off the day trimming a bunch of low limbs out of a back yard tree. Lindsay made me my favorite pasta dinner...and like a wild man I fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live. Whew. Lots done. Sunday plans...nothing!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Translated Rap Battle

And now, for something completely different...kinda.

Matt Damon on Palin

I'm not giving him credit because he's an actor, or famous, but because what he said here is what Lindsay and I have been thinking. What an insult to those that have spent a lifetime in selfless service to better their fellow citizen that someone no more qualified than the mayor of your town, anywhere, is selected to be the second best representative of the United States of America. I'm sure she's nice, and smart too, she's gotten herself far in life, but I wouldn't hire her where I work, and we're just retail.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My New Prius

No, it's definitely not a Prius. But I could haul a Prius in it's bed if I wanted. It's the nightmare of Seattle eco-friendly liberals, (that'd be my wife and I) and it's all mine. It's my new Dodge Ram 4x4 long bed V8 truck. Yep, at it's very best this 4,600 lbs beast will get about 14 mpg, maybe 15 mpg downhill. So with gas at an all time high price is buying something like this insane? No, not when you do math. I sold my making payments on and too tiny to haul anything Toyota Tacoma, and had a few thousand dollars left over. I took $2,000 of that and bought the Dodge to haul stuff with. So with no more car payment on the Tacoma, and nothing but liability on the paid for Dodge so it's saving me money. Because I only drive about 5,000 miles a year (that's what I put on the Toyota last year) the difference per year that I'll pay in fuel for the (best case 20mpg)Toyota to the (assume 14mpg) Dodge is $429 more each year. I've already saved that much with the change in insurance and less one month car payment. Take that smug Prius driver! And no, I won't help you move. (Ok, I will. I love hauling stuff in the truck actually.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man in wheelchair robs Texas 7-Eleven of condoms

DALLAS -- A robber rolled into a Dallas convenience store came armed with a bat and a knife. He left with a lot of condoms and an energy drink.

Dallas police Cpl. Kevin Janse said Friday that a man in a wheelchair entered a Dallas 7-Eleven Wednesday afternoon, rolled straight toward the cash register and beat it with a baseball bat until it opened.

But he didn't grab any cash. Instead, police say he stole 10 boxes of condoms and an energy drink before making his getaway Wednesday afternoon.

Janse says the suspect may have been homeless and was likely intoxicated at the time of the robbery.

Vern Fonk Rules

If you stay up late and watch TV in Seattle, you know Vern Fonk (ok, Rob Thielke, but that's getting in the way of a good story) of Vern Fonk Insurance. He's one of the brilliant comedy minds of our generation. Really, there's not much I think is funnier. If you dare, check out some of his best ads here. Otherwise let some of my favorite Vern Fonks roll...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Deligate from Alabama

I shouldn't stereotype, but this pic of a Republican delegate from Alabama pretty much sums up what I think a right wing conservative white guy should look like. Call central casting, we've got our man.