Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gabby Me

I recalled an interesting Maui story today, one I almost forgot, about meeting Gabby Reece when we were there. Lindsay and I were looking to see if an Italian restaurant in a strip mall (everything in Maui is in a strip mall) was still open and parked so I could run over and see, but it was closed. As I trotted back to tell Lindsay this I passed a tall gal on the sidewalk (with baby in her arms) if she knew somewhere Lindsay and I should eat. She suggested the sushi place behind her, but we had just had sushi the night before, so that was out. We chatted about how Lindsay and I were just married (Gabby was very congratulatory), about our friend Cara's kid, about having kids, and that she didn't know any other place to eat, because she was from the other side of the island. Nice gal, for sure. About half way through talking to her I recognized, that she was Gabby Reece, and the surfer who was just talking to her before I asked her about the recommendation was her hubby Laird Hamilton. Gabby was really friendly - great island attitude. Lindsay pointed out that she was especially nice, and talkative, considering she was breast feeding her baby under a shoulder cloth as I stood there! Oops. My bad. Not being around women breast feeding very often I didn't get it and now I'm embarrassed that I was chatting with her while she was feeding her kid. Anyways, nice gal even with slow guys like me.

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