Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talk to Me About Murphy

No, not the dog. Murphy, the dog, is fine. Murphy's Law. I gave a speech at Amazon's HQ building this morning, and it was a bumpy ride. Picture a room with a great view (I took a phone pic out the window - see above) of 150 people and all wondering when the power will come back on. Then wondering why there's no coffee. As I plow ahead with my speech, pacing back and forth on stage waving my arms talking about content feeds, we get a back-up generator going, so someone runs up and sticks a lapel mic on me. Helpful for 3 minutes, then it starts cuting in and out with the generator's load. I bail on the mic and go back to arm waving style. Someone sitting on the front row stepped out of the room, and on cue his phone (that's sitting on the table conspicuously) starts ringing, loudly, right in front of me, thankfully after 5 or 6 rings his voice mail kicked in, but I struggled to keep my train of thought. So it might sound bad, but I liked it all in all. It's fun to go with the flow and make due. Much more fun than executing a task like a machine. After I was done 10 people came up to the stage and asked questions, my VP said that I looked like a "rock star", so look for me on iTunes soon. Good to have that speech behind me now, it was taking up a lot of my mind. I'm lucky that I get to participate in fun stuff like that, it makes life colorful.

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