Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chicago Overnight

I'm in Chicago overnight, on business. As with every city I fly to for work I wish I could stay here and explore a lot more. I'm housed at an Embassy Suites hotel, I'm passing though the halls looking at all the other white men (that's all I see here) and wondering if I'm one of them now. Weird. I was supposed to be Michael Martin according to the welcome gift package of food and drink left in my room when I arrived. Apparently he's in room 739 (I'm in 730), but they put the frequent hotel visitor gift basket in my I ate it. Good pretzels. Speaking of eating, as always when I'm on the road it was a Romanesque feast with the vendor last night. Huge steaks and lots of booze. The service might have been too good though, the waiter gave me the creeps standing over me and pointing to stuff (mushrooms, beans, etc) that I should try on my steak. Go away and let me eat in peace dude. I was able to get a picture of the huge desserts, that we all shared. Each one of these (carrot cake and ice cream pie thingy) was the size of a volleyball (even the spoon was big). Crazy. Today I'm off to tour the vendor's warehouse and main office for an afternoon meeting. I'll catch a late night flight back to Seattle right after that (avoiding another Roman feast) and get back home to my sweetie. Such is the life of a .com road warrior.

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