Saturday, October 6, 2007

Neuvo Casa Yost

Did I mention that we got the house? We did! We're as excited as can be, we love the house, we love the neighborhood, even the sellers seemed nice, so it's been a good experience. We think it kind of looks like a monopoly house right now, as it's symmetrical and cute. We'll be moving in at the beginning of next month, and putting this house on the market then. We're hoping this house goes fast, and we'll list it at a fair price so it should. But if you've moved/sold before you know the craziness that is about to unfold. Boxing stuff up, painting walls, a little landscaping to sell the house all that. Should make for a fast or slow October. Either way we're excited to be moving so close to the Junction to cut our commute and for us to walk more.

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lisawj said...

oooh goodie.
i want to see more photos!!!!!