Monday, November 5, 2007

Moving Forward

We're just about ready to get the keys to the new house, near the Junction (that's the heart of West Seattle) and we're excited. However that's tempered with lots of work too. I've been smirking with contentment as I get to use the truck like a truck as I get the old house ready to go on the market. So far there's been 4 trips to the dump - that has a weird 6 mph speed limit sign. Who has a 6 mph limit? Plus a bunch of trips to the bark place so the Toyota is getting worked over, in a good way. Stay tuned for updates from the new house as soon as we settle in.

Update: We now have the keys to the house and we're moving in!


Tempest said...

Yay - want to see pics of the new place!

You meant tree bark when you said, 'bark place' didn't you? I had much fancier images in my head... thought it was some cool dog park or a dog playround kind of thing. Ahh well.

Lisa said...


climbbike said...

6 MPH??!! Is this like a retirement community you moved into? lol