Friday, November 9, 2007

Water World

It's good to know that we'll have hot water for the next 10 years, at least. We took advantage of the real estate agent provided home warranty and replaced the water heater, that was providing only wildly warm water, for a new one. I replaced the water heater in the old house and wouldn't mind doing it again for this one, but with all the hassle of moving and the cash drain that moving is, it's nice to have someone just show up and do it. Plus, the plumber that did it, C.J.'s Plumbing was a nice guy and did a good job. Funny guy too. He told us about how his teenage daughter was taking showers too long, so he installed a water timer in another room, she had to turn to reset every 20 minutes. He also installed a coin operated feminine hygiene product dispenser to get her to pay for her stuff. C.J. definitely has a sense of humor. Anyways, we've got hot water now. One upgrade down, more to go.

PS: I talked to him about installing the on demand water heater, but he made the good point that a tank water heater is a good source of (55 gallons) of potable water if there's an earthquake or something. Never thought of that.

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