Friday, December 21, 2007

Should Have Taken the Crazy Train

We're about to head to Dallas for Christmas. I'm about to charge up the iPod, load up on magazines and a finally get ready to read that book I've been unable to get to all as the antidote to the drudgery of the holiday airport experience. Unfortunately I ran across this note that we'll be at SEATAC at exactly the wrong time. Nice. Oh well, it'll be nice to be home again so it's all worth it.
10. Chicago (MDW) 10-11pm

9. New York (JFK) 7-8pm

8. Seattle (SEA) 10-11pm
7. Chicago (ORD) 8-9pm

6. Miami (MIA) 10-11pm

5. Atlanta (ATL) 9-10pm

4. Philadelphia (PHL) 7-8pm

3. New York (LGA) 7-9pm

2. San Francisco (SFO) 10-11pm

1. Newark (EWR) 5-6pm

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