Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Killer

Well, all the snow melted overnight and now it's pouring cold rain. I've abandoned plans to work in the yard and I'm about to abandon a half baked plan to go to Home Depot for a new thermostat too. I'm killing way too much time at home, played a video game for a while, surfed craigslist for motorcycles and ran across this interesting site about that tells me I'm 12,483 days old and born on a Friday.

At least I got the motorcycle show in on Friday. I've been thinking about it a lot too. It was good, but I'd give it a
C+ this year. As I explained to some friends, it was like a strip club. Lots of teasing and fantasizing with a no touch policy. Maybe it's the curmudgeon in me but I was there shop and maybe learn about some new models. I was once again put off my the Harley zealots. Nice bikes (kinda) but the brainwashing of the HD crowd is at an all time high. I really just wanted to see a few rare models I'd been researching online and compare them side by side. Plus the new BMW F800GS (not for sale until March) was there [drool] so I could compare it to the BMW 1200GS to replace my F650GS. Anyways, I was turned off my all the marketing. A little too much fantasy and not enough riding. Fat guys draping themselves over a Harley and saying, 'I want this one, but [excuse here]' or high school kids dry humping a Jap bikes in full tuck asking, 'how fast?' showing disappointment when the rep says, "it'll top out at 170". There were some cool vintage bikes, and some trippy forward thinking bikes, so it was worth it, but all it really did is make me go home and plot out what route I'll take on my cross county trip someday. Just me on the road, two wheels, leaning in the corners.

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