Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fencing is My Hobby

Getting the posts mounted in the earth atop the little rock wall that's already in place (and overgrown with ivy, etc) was tough work. It's done, finally, and now I'm finally putting up the planks. Using the framing nailer is a reward in itself, as there is no other tool with quite the punch of a DeWalt framing nailer. Still need to clear more of that brush to reveal the wall more. That'll have to happen after Alaska. What do you think Dad? Prairie School enough?


Owen said...

Good work! I like the way the fence is kept level rather than "running with the land"; a lazy way to build. FLW and GOY approve.
-Owen / dad

Lisa said...

youve got great craft!

Stacey said...

Creighton...looks great. What hard work. Finish before rainy season begins so that Dill and Murphy can have a play date:)!

Glad you and Lindsay are home safe from Alaska. Looking forward to hearing about it in person.