Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Safe & Sound

We clocked 2,300 driving miles, and a few more miles not driving, but still moving taking three ferries (Alaska, BC and WA) but all roads lead to Seattle and we're back home now. We'll be sorting through the photos, and getting back into the swing of real life for a few days. It was a great trip, and I'm thankful for the opportunity and thankful to be reminded that there is a great big world out there. Lindsay and I both realized that more interesting than our small trip was the realization that we are a piece of the travelers experience, and at any given moment there are a thousand people moving across our same route with bigger plans, farther distances to go, and more effort in their travel than our week and a half was. It was amazing for us, and we're both so excited that we did it, but the better feeling is the humbleness that we have, that travel should bring, that there is more to see, and much more to learn.


Agen said...

You guys look great - in recline and on bike! Bravo on taking such an adventurous excursion.

Tempestuous said...

Love the pics- look like a grand adventure!