Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My New Prius

No, it's definitely not a Prius. But I could haul a Prius in it's bed if I wanted. It's the nightmare of Seattle eco-friendly liberals, (that'd be my wife and I) and it's all mine. It's my new Dodge Ram 4x4 long bed V8 truck. Yep, at it's very best this 4,600 lbs beast will get about 14 mpg, maybe 15 mpg downhill. So with gas at an all time high price is buying something like this insane? No, not when you do math. I sold my making payments on and too tiny to haul anything Toyota Tacoma, and had a few thousand dollars left over. I took $2,000 of that and bought the Dodge to haul stuff with. So with no more car payment on the Tacoma, and nothing but liability on the paid for Dodge so it's saving me money. Because I only drive about 5,000 miles a year (that's what I put on the Toyota last year) the difference per year that I'll pay in fuel for the (best case 20mpg)Toyota to the (assume 14mpg) Dodge is $429 more each year. I've already saved that much with the change in insurance and less one month car payment. Take that smug Prius driver! And no, I won't help you move. (Ok, I will. I love hauling stuff in the truck actually.)


Agen said...

nice! lemme know next time you have a burning desire to go to the transfer station... ;-)

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Dante Mallet said...

That's your new ride? Awesome! your Dodge looks cool. Driving this baby around while hauling stuff must be fun. Now that I've thought about it, I always wanted to own this kind of vehicle. Guess I should start saving now.