Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Recap: Been There Did That.

What didn't we do on Saturday? After a night out on Friday, dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, we walked all the way up California Ave to Blackbird for drinks, discovering a few new places along the way we'd like to check out soon. Waking early on Saturday we headed to Alki beach to explore the low tide and marine layer fog before everyone else was awake. Our local West Seattle blog published a few of my pics (the ones here) that I sent in of the beautiful sea scape that morning in fact. The low tide made for some interesting views, especially the guy watching the ferry in ankle deep water 30 yards from shore. We grabbed some breakfast at one of our favorite beach front spots across the street, at Alki Cafe (where both of our moms have eaten with us) and watched a BBQ contest set up on the seawall and headed out for some errands. First to Home Depot to get a new bathroom cabinet, and then off to see good friend, and soccer master, Paul coach his Tacoma Blue Huskies soccer team at a nearby park. A late lunch at home, watching the last part of the Notre Dame vs Michigan football game, and then back to the action. I used the late afternoon sun to finish up most of the rock wall extension to the back gate with a concrete pour and some simple mason work (all the rock touching the gate is new, extended about 3 feet from the existing wall) and topped off the day trimming a bunch of low limbs out of a back yard tree. Lindsay made me my favorite pasta dinner...and like a wild man I fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live. Whew. Lots done. Sunday plans...nothing!

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