Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hockey Night in Seattle

Loo, with her new powers and influence (working at the Kent Events Center) got us some tickets to see the Seattle Thunderbirds play hockey at the Key Arena last night. It was a suite game. No really, she got us tickets in a suite with some of the other people from her work. Not only are they nice people, good to know she'll be working with a nice bunch, but the game itself was great. Double overtime with a shoot-out win by Seattle. Frankly, I don't know jack about hockey, but I read as much as I could in Wikipedia before we went as not to have to ask too many (dumb) questions (e.g. "What quater is it?"). Turns out that watching hockey on TV isn't nearly as good as it is live. It's easier to track the puck and watch the plays develop, the sounds of the skates, and of slapshots being fired off, are much better in person. Then again, most sporting events are better in a suite, but this one was exceptionally good. Hockey, you're on the good list now. I think I understand you.

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