Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gettin Dirty

I climbed the ladder into the attic about 30 times today. I'm installing can lights, 4 of them on 2 circuits (there's one in my hand in the pic) running all new wiring, and installing a new 3 switch dimmer plate in the living room. With a waffle fueled burst of energy I tore apart the living room ceiling and made a serious mess of everything. Lindsay once again proved how amazing she is by just letting me go about my demolition with a smile and a "that's nice honey" here and there. The big hurdle is tomorrow when I run the new wires through the walls - wish me luck. Loo took this awesome picture of me in full handy mode. I love it.


Lisa said...

OMG.. that is amazing you have the skills for that. i dont! and Lindsay has the skills she has! ("thats nice honey") i dont!

Penny said...

Ditto re kudos to Lindsay.

Tempestuous said...

Fierce photo!

Kudos on your and Lindsey's home making efforts. everything looks great.