Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sun Anyone? Anyone?

I'm sick of the Seattle gray. I'm usually very tolerant, but summer hasn't been able to poke it's head out and the winter hangover is still in the air. Hear that Texas family? It's 59 degrees right now. So to tempt the summer in I went and looked at motorcycles today. Left a few drool spots on a Ducati Monster that I think I'd prefer to look at rather than ride thanks to an uncomfortable seat, and the Ducati ST4 always looks like a winner on paper, it just doesn't fit me so it'll stay at the dealer too. None of that really helped though. The sun still isn't out. Someone do something. Call someone, this is getting old. The pic is from The Long Way Down, which I'm trying to avoid for fear of getting the jealous of their Africa weather and BMW funding.


Tempestuous said...

Yes, it must be a tough life up there in Seattle in lovely 60' weather!

Its 94' and burn-your-buns sunny today in Dallas.

Penny said...

I suggest you spend more time looking at your honeymoon pictures of sunny Hawaii.