Monday, May 12, 2008

Keep the Rubber Side Down

While we were out driving between the garage sales here in West Seattle on Saturday we happened upon this scene. We drove up just seconds after the collision apparently, when I got out of the car the Vespa rider was still on his side on the ground. I took a pic after checking him out and helping unstick the bike from the minivan, and gave them my card in case they needed to get any follow up, but it was pretty clear what happened (Hint: following distance is important). The good news is that he wasn't hurt that bad, just scraped up a bit, but his scooter was trashed and I'm sure he's going to be sore for a long time. ATGATT, my scooter friend: All The Gear All The Time.


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One thing that I've always admired about you is your 'do good'ness. Maybe that's why you went into the army, needed to flex that aspect of your personality directly.