Monday, June 25, 2007

Goat Invasion 2007

Goats are eating the brush off of the hill near Lincoln Park! That's head slapping wonderful. It's just one of those things that make sense. On the way home I spotted a herd of goats hard at work/dinner munching down a rather steep and overgrown hill just down from my house. There's a gal there, the sheppard I suppose, who rents her herd out for exactly this kind of thing. She's keeping them watered, but mostly fielding questions about the curious sight to constantly refreshing small crowd of neighborhood residents, like myself, stopping to watch nature in action. Adults appear to be more fascinated than the kids, but the kids are loving the farm in the backyard effect. From what I heard like they'll be there for a while, over night possibly to get the job done. Go goats!


Patricia said...

do you have contact info for the Shepard? We have property that we'd like to discuss with her!


Anonymous said...

The Goats were cleaing my hillside! Can not tell you how surprised we were at the excitement they caused. Was a great time. We met so many nice people. Who would have thought a simple herd of goats could give us that old time small hometown feeling right here in West Seattle

Anonymous said...

You can contact the Wrangler... Tammy Dunakin at 206-251-1051 or