Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet Home GoreObama

Hearing these two men gives me hope for America. It seriously brings a tear to my eye. They talk like smart men should talk. Like men that are powerful, capable of leadership, that are aware that America is diverse, and proud of it. They make me proud to have served in the Army of the United States of America. Worse yet, they make me remember what it's like to not have Bush as our representative to the world. I don't care if they run together, separate, just run. (Thx Cracks in the Facade)


The House said...

What is Obama's platform? What is Hillary Clinton's platform? It's funny that no matter what Democratic candidates website you go to, they avoid listing their platform other than let's criticize George Bush. I'm just curious why you think Gore/Obama would be the United States savior?

I really can't wait to hear this.

Creighton said...

Easy. Bush is an idiot. Just like the bumper sticker says - If you're not outraged then you're not paying attention. As a combat vet from Iraq I've been paying close attention, and I'm outraged.

By the way, Obama clearly spells out his platform on his site. In case you missed it in your research:

A sampling: stop the Iraq war, universal health care, raise CAFE standards--for just for starters. What's Bush done in 7 years? That's why I think Obama would do better than Bush in leading America.

The House said...

I want to thank you for serving in the United States military. I truly appreciate your service. You most likely can bring a unique perspective to SOME of the issues that are going on in Iraq. It's unfortunate that you think so little of your Commander-In-Chief, but you did not reply with any facts, you replied with emotional opinions. "Bush is an Idiot" & comments on bumber stickers, don't make a very compelling case. If they did, I reply "Shit Happens". It's far too easy to criticize someone, especially George Bush. I really feel that he was in a Lose/Lose position once 9/11 occurred. Yes, the war in Iraq has been a question about it, but a complete withdrawl at this point would be an equal debacle. It's clear that the Iraqi people cannot maintain order on their own (yes, they suck at it worse than us). It's also clear that there are still plenty of Anti-Americans in the Middle East. Pulling out would create yet another breeding ground for them and we most likely would see more attacks on U.S. soil in the future because of that.

Thank you for pointing out Obama's platform (don't know how I missed it). I personally would never vote for Obama, Gore or Clinton based on their social platforms alone. If you enjoy giving your hard earned tax dollars to lazy people so be it. I personally believe that trimming government fat and ending welfare are two issues we need to constantly discuss and none of the above mentioned candidates would dare touch either one.

Peace Out!

pinkdaots and dandelopes said...

Obama, Gore & Clinton are hardly lazy. They are speaking out against a president whose foreign policies have failed, naional policies are a joke and social policies are unconstitutional. They have also dedicated their lives to public service.
These are people who want change because the last (almost) eight years have been perhaps the most destructive in our great country's history. Also, and maybe more importantly, they are speaking out because it is representative of how most people in this country feel.
And, by the way, George Bush was in no way a lose-lose situation after 9/11. He could have pulled himself up by his boot straps and shined when those planes hit, instead he chose fear. Look at Giuliani, most New Yorkers hated Giuliani and what he stood for on 9/10/01 and 9/11/01, however, he did not choose fear. He prevailed, he showed he could be a leader in the absolute darkest moments. I would never vote for Guiliani, however, he was the oppoisite of Bush in the days after 9/11 and I will always respect him solely for that. As a former New Yorker, I cannot stand when people use 9/11 as a crtuch for bad politics and leadership. It's a poor excuse and it avoids the bigger picture. Ameica had more international support in the days after 9/11 than ever. Compare that to where we are now.

The House said...

Pinkadots, you misunderstood my comment on "lazy people". It was a reference to the welfare state that Democrats support, not the candidates themselves (sorry for the confusion).

9/11 is not a crutch for politics, rather it's a defining moment in this nations history and SHOULD always be remembered and discussed.

Since you stated that George Bush could have pulled himself up by his bootstraps and shined, explain to me what actions would have led to this outcome?