Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Bee

Oh man it's been a while since the last posting. Not that I'm lazy, Lindsay and I are busy and contemplating moving so we've really been sucked into the quicksand of it all. Visits with agents, visiting comp houses, driving by houses that look good online (not so great in person) and all that. The pic is of a house that we're going to go look at this afternoon.

Both of us also just watched the things to do list get longer at work too. Lindsay is doing some HR duties and I've moved over to a manager role, so we're nose to the grind stone. Not that we're complaining, we both are excited to have opportunity, but our opportunities are stacking up fast! The good news is I get to use a term that I've been looking for a chance to use. I'm issuing a mea culpa and promise to get my butt in gear and blog more.


climbbike said...

To add to your todo list: "Buy a new motorcycle!" lol :-)

WonderPen said...

Remember, you can be happy anywhere. Also, never forget to call your Mom.

Anonymous said...

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