Tuesday, September 18, 2007

touch it

So I rail in Apple just as much as anyone in the CE industry, but when they released the new crop of iPods...I had to tip my hat. Then I broke out my credit card. I've been holding out for years, passing by all the cool kids and proclaiming my indy status with MP3 players from every brand you can think of, Creative, Archos, SanDisk and all the rest. But when Apple in their holy than thou way rolled out the touch (Note that proper style indicates it's written with a lower case "t") I gave in. Damn them for doing what everyone wants. Sure they're restrictive DRM is a pain in the ass, but on the other hand they listened to what the masses said, and they said, "just make it work" and it does. Movies, music, Wi-fi and holy crap a Starbucks alert! Amen. Any day now my new toy, the Apple touch will arrive. I'm pretty sure I'll be just as unool then as I am now, but hey bottom line - I'm watching movies on the bus! Warning, you want one too, you just don't know it yet.

PS: Mom, this one is for you. Now you know about the new stuff, and therefore you're cool.

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Thanks Creighton.