Saturday, September 1, 2007

Party Like it's 1999

The kids renting the house next door threw a big party last night. Lindsay and I are alright with that, they've even invited us to their Toga parties in the past, but last night was a bad scene. I woke up at 2:30 hearing the yelling of 5 guys, at another group of guys. Apparently someone had put either a baseball bat or a brick though his driver side window and he wanted to go retaliate. Somehow the house where the party was at had it's huge (6' x 6') view window smashed as well at some point. The neighbors had called the cops at 9pm and 11pm as well just for the loud party. When I called at 2:30am 5 patrol cars showed up. It's not illegal to break glass, and the drunk guys from the car with the window broken out had driven off already so all the cops did was chat and leave. Not much for them to do under the law really. I called the FD this morning at 11am when a neighbor told me about a guy slumped over into his passenger seat, from behind the wheel a few houses up, that wouldn't respond when they knocked on his window. The FD came and performed a difficult skill only taught to firefighters called 'poke him in the head and yell "hey you!" real loud'. That worked and even after a warning to not drive because he was still drunk, once the FD left, he drove away. Exciting night. Let it be known that all the other neighbors on the street are super. We love the all, but this one house is a bad apple.

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Sadie said...

You are funny. I know what it feels like to be left with neighbors and their night time skills, or lack there of. Just read this as Kim had left it on my pc and could relate to your current I had to comment. Oh, congrats by the way on the proposal, wonderful news!! Cheerio