Sunday, September 16, 2007

Got Wood

The chill is in the air. Temps are peaking at 65 and the rain is around the corner. We're looking forward to it really, it's a nice time to snuggle on the couch (in front of a 40" LCD TV hopefully) watch football and have a fire. Not wanting to run low on wood (last year's 3 day power outage ate up my reserve wood supply) I decided to buy a truck load of cut and seasoned stuff. After a little research I discovered BLW Firewood near the airport in Burien and really had a great experience there. Anthony, the guy that runs it, is super friendly, fast and fair. Loaded up my truck tossing out logs that were too big or too thick (knowing I had a stove not a fireplace). I'll be buying my firewood from him for a long time thanks to the great customer service. He'll even give you a deal on greenwood in the off season so you can dry it yourself and save a few bucks. Anyways, I've got quite a bit of firewood now, so let the cold come.

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