Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Lot Like You

A local Seattle insurance company has started running a new ad campaign that's spot on. It's defining some of the more colorful stereotypes around here quite well. If you want to get to know Seattle, learn it, love it and consider your indoctrination complete. View it here.

Kind of reminds me of the subversive wit of the Seattle Weekly's tongue in cheek "Ask An Uptight Seattle Guy" column. Getting the stink eye, while you're in Queen Anne or Ballard for not driving a Prius or not bringing your own bags to the store isn't uncommon. But I love Seattle for all this and I'm glad it's starting to poke fun at itself. Should Larry the Cable Guy get ready for a PC ass beating from the Uptight Seattle guy someday soon? Is Seattle's over zealous PCness ready to take on the world? It might...if it can find time between his yoga classes and organic food shopping.

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