Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Food, Then More Food

One thing that Vegas always delivers on is food. I had the privilege last night to go out to a stunning restaurant called Craftsteak at the MGM and it was phenomenal. No really. This from a Texan used to eating steak. We ordered the chef's special sampler, sized for the table of 10 and it was out of this world. Kobe beef in the form of filets, flat irons, strips and more along with lobsters, prawns, kobe tartar, whipped potatoes, carrots, sauteed mushrooms and accented with the tour de force of a bottle (a magnum sized bottle) of something that was supposed to be much better than Opus One (had that once, not impressed) and a bottle of Duckworth Merlot (2002?) that was ok, but not stunning. The whole thing was finished off with amazing sorbet, muffin things, creme brule and a chocolate cake with chocolate sauce inside. I look like an anaconda that's just eaten a sheep. Big in the middle and waddling. Enjoy the pics of the some pics of the food orgy. Flash back to 5 years ago sitting on a hummvee in the desert of Iraq eating my MRE for the billionth time in 4 months. You never know where you'll be do ya?

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