Saturday, January 19, 2008

sNOw Worries

Needing to burn some time off (maxed out in hours) I took Friday off with my buddy Chris and we headed up to The Summit at Snoqualmie for some snowboarding. Chris took the hard road, never having snowboarded before, and sorta rolled down the mountain the first few times, but by the end of the day was ditching his greenhorn status and experiencing the world upright. For me, it was the first session this season so I was pretty rusty too, eating serious snow on a few runs. Ah well. Believe it or not the thermometer read 65 degrees and sunny so we had to strip of layers to cool off be the time we left! On the way back to Seattle we stopped for lunch at the cafe featured in the TV series Twin Peaks for some damn fine hamburgers and shakes. Nowhere else have I seen better wall art. This painting for Tweetie Bird on a guitar neck is stunning. Not sure if stunning is the right word. So it was a good day of getting out into the mountains. Now to get on that couch and watch the playoffs for the rest of the weekend.

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