Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowshoe Sunday

Come heck or high water we were determined to get out and have some fun in the snow (and sun) Sunday. Our friends Cara and Brent had supplied us with snowshoes to borrow so we were ready to head into the hills asap. The original destination was a snow park an hour East of Seattle, but apparently most of Seattle also had the same idea and it was closed due to over crowding! We decided to keep exploring and headed a few miles east and to a rest stop just play in the snow, but noticed other snowshoers and xcountry skiers milling in the parking lot. Turns out the rest stop had trails that headed back around the backside of a nearby lake, making it a perfect snowshoe trip. One of the nicest things about the trip were all the really friendly people on the trail. Everyone was happy and enjoying their time outside, and lots of cheery hellos were exchanged as we clomped along to see the snow covered lake.

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