Monday, January 7, 2008

Technology and Comfortable Shoes

One late night Sunday flight and here I am. It's that time of year again, it's CES time. The mega show in Las Vegas that us geeks flock to like a moth to flame, and much like that moth we'll all burn out over the 4 days that we're here. The show officially starts tomorrow, but the hype is already at 99%. I rolled in late, but got in a little room service and a lot of last minute cramming on booth locations, CE blog reading, and CES TV watching and it's making me excited and ready to jump into the floor. Did I mention that the show attracts 140,000 people? So it'll be packed. What's the vibe so far? TVs are getting really thin this year - with width measured in mm! There's also a lot of hype around what your computer can do (e.g. HD on PCs), but so far no super device to make it do it. Same with MP3 and cell, that were the super stars last year. No telling what'll be the wonder kid this year, but over the next few days it's my job to find it.

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