Sunday, January 6, 2008

Memorializing the NFL

Interesting article about memorializing the dead via the team uniform, on ESPN. The multi week endurance of the NFL's tribute to Redskin's #21 for murdered player Sean Taylor is contemplated, especially interesting when compared to the single week of exposure for killed in action (by friendly fire) US Army Ranger Pat Tillman's number, 40. Here's bit of the article:

"The NFL, notoriously rigid about enforcing leaguewide uniform standards, has been surprisingly flexible about one uni-related element this season: The Sean Taylor memorial "21" decal, which all teams wore in Week 13, was made optional for the rest of the season. So some teams have been wearing it and others haven't. And then there are the Giants, who removed the decal for Week 14 but restored it the following week -- except for offensive lineman Grey Ruegamer, who was Pat Tillman's teammate at Arizona State and doesn't think anyone should be getting a more extended memorial tribute than Tillman got. The NFL's atypically laissez-faire approach here is no doubt partially due to all the negative publicity surrounding the Pat Tillman situation in 2004 (as you may recall, all teams paid tribute to Tillman by wearing a "40" decal for Week 3, but Broncos QB Jake Plummer wanted to keep wearing it and was threatened with a $30,000 fine if he didn't desist)."

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