Friday, June 20, 2008

The Best Beast

Took the Alaska bike out for a couple of long drives this week. That's a pic of the actual bike, there. Scott loaned it to me for a little getting used to. Took a few loops of Seattle on the first evening and on the second evening met up with JP at his place for a little jaw flapping about bikes and life in general. I'm used to the bike now and ready for the trip, and excited for Scott and his wife to begin their trip northward to make the whole thing that more real. It'll be an amazing moment, that first turn out of their driveway toward Alaska, I'm happy for them. We'll meet them, or at least the bike, in Anchorage on July 14th. I'm glad that I could be in the right place right time to take advantage of this and add another adventure to our life story.

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