Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flight Time

About 3 months ago Lindsay and I met an actual Rosie the Riveter, who we gave a ride home to from downtown late one night. Sweet old lady, and it was our pleasure to visit with a living part of WWII history. Many, if not most of the planes in WWII were built by our other neighbor, Boeing, and yesterday we headed to their Muesum of Flight to see their massive collection (Smithsonian sized). It's fascinating to see everything they have there and we didn't have enough time get to see it all. I've been really interested in Charles Lindberg's life story, after we saw his grave in Maui, and the museum has some great old artifacts of his flight to Seattle. There's also an Air Force Once that we toured, Blackbird spy plane, a concord (Did you know a concord stretches 5-7 inches when it's at full speed?), an amazing collection of WWII and WWI fighters, and we even saw one of the very storied AWAC radar planes that Regan sold to Saudi Arabia in 1981 amidst huge controversy. The collection is huge and very complete, and the people watching is great too, so we'll have to go back sometime and do it again.

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