Saturday, June 28, 2008

Driving Change

Looks like the tiny Italina motorcycle company, Aprilia will be importing their 850cc Mana motorcycle to the US sometime soon. What makes this significant is this bike is CVT (transmission that doens't have to "shift" gears) and automatic (no clutch lever) unlike all other bikes, with the exception of the Yamaha FJA of course. Group this with the success of the Prius, and the electric Tesla roadster, and watching GM shut down it's truck manufacturing lines and it's another reminder that we're in the middle of a huge shift in transportation. The next 5 years will go down in the history books as filled with change. Anyways, the Aprilia Mana is a brilliant and more importantly bold machine that is helping pave the way for acceptance of new ideas in American transportation. You bet I want one.

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