Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scooter Loop Around the USA

This guy is an inspiration. He's taking his 49cc scooter on a lap around the United States. The whole, amazing, thing is being documented on this scooter site. Keep in mind that he's Korean, so just stopping by the US and decided to see it ALL, and that he's on a scooter that's generally goes to a top speed of about 45mph, so he's driving many of his miles on the shoulder of the highways. He's doing it right now. At this very moment he's slowly rolling through parts of the US (see his Google map of progress here) that you, a life long resident of this country, will never even consider seeing. Again, what an inspiration. He didn't need a $20,000 German engineered touring machine with handmade body armor, he just got on his scooter and drove. I've done some hardcore stuff in my time, but this guy is a warrior.

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Tempestuous said...

When you went hobo-ing with that one guy on the trains, that was pretty hardcore and rivals this guy in my book.