Saturday, June 14, 2008

From Anchorage to Seattle with Love

If you know the Seattle weather lately you'll understand that to get some warmer temperatures and sunshine we're headed to Anchorage. Almost not funny. It's been 50 and cloudy here for...ever.

Anyways, we are headed to Anchorage. It's a long story, but the short version is I found a guy on Craigslist who is riding up to Anchorage from Seattle on his 650 V-Strom (similar to the one in the pic above), and wanted to know if anyone could help him out, and have fun in the process, by riding his bike back down for him. That's where I come in. I gave him my responsibility resume, years I've been riding, bikes I've owned, etc then met him for lunch at REI. Not surprisingly we're a lot alike, recently married, in marketing, about the same age and most importantly we both can be relied upon and are very responsible riders. Seeing as we're both taking a risk that's important. IWe'll fly up and meet him in Anchorage on July 14th, and as they catch their flight back, Lindsay (aka super-adventure-kick-ass-wife) and I will depart from Anchorage to > Tok > Burwash Landing, BC >Skagway > Alaska Marine Ferry inside passage > Prince Rupert >Prince George > 100 Mile House > Seattle. Should be about 2,300 miles in total. Yes, we're a little crazy, a little nervous, but a lot more carpe diem so really excited mostly.

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Tempestuous said...

Are you kidding?! This is sooo cool. What a great experience!