Friday, February 9, 2007

Blog in the Smog

News flash: LA is smoggy.

I flew in to LA today from San Francisco and descended through what looked like a giant piece of well done toast hovering over the city. It's gross. The entire city is bubbled in a brown fog. I'm stunned people live and work in this stuff. I've been here a few hours and I think I'm feeling it, I'm a little light headed and I keep clearing my throat. Good news is I plan on going drinking tonight with Lindsay so the light headedness from the smog might accelerate the drunkness too. Don't say I don't look on the bright side.

Another thing about LA, is apparently there's a gang war on here. Not the Bloods and the Crypts, but between the Priuses and the Suburbans. Everywhere I look there's either a skinny white guy/girl in a Prius zipping down the road creating a wake of in-you-face environmental
self-righteousness or a huge black (always black) Chevy Suburban (or it's close relative the Cadillac Escalade) piloted by a big sunglass wearing celeb wanabe. I hear this battle started long ago with the Honda Insight crowd vs the Hummer set and the rivalry is right up there with the Jews vs. Muslims, Jets and the Sharks, Kobe and Shaq etc, but there's no Jimmy Carter Insight (the puns keep on coming!) to intervene in this SoCal showdown. Nope. It's the battle of the environment vs the ego and there's no winner to be declared in that one anytime soon.

Want to keep up with the hatin on hummers? Check out this lovely site dedicated to keepin' the H2 down:

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