Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lt Dangle Would Be Proud

I'm sitting at a stop light on the way home from the gym tonight when 2 sheriff's cars fly by with full lights and sirens. I nudge over to to the curb to let them by only to catch back up with them at the Safeway gas station down the street from my house. Apparently just seconds before I got there the Safeway gas station was robbed - again. As far as I know it's the 3rd time in only a few months. Apparently the thief likes to rob it at about 9pm, or about when I get back from the gym. Each time I rolled in just after it's happened and pump my gas under the watchful eye of the sheriff's department.

From what I hear the robber's been getting away each time. This time, however, they caught the guy. I suppose the cops were sick of coming out to Safeway to take the we-just-got-robbed report. I counted 5 sheriff's cars, 3 Seattle PD cars and one Seattle PD helicopter...and one Subaru Outback (mine). As always, I went looking for trouble. I rolled around the neighborhood looking for the bad guy right along with the orbit of cop cars. Why? Because I believe in citizen government. Stand up and do something about something. That's the crux of why I joined the Army in fact. Less talk more action people. That and I was bored. But let's stick with the first one.

No action for Deputy Yost though. They caught the guy hiding behind an apartment building across the street. The gas station workers where loaded up and taken over to identify the guy and that's all she wrote. Kind of got me thinking how bad someone's life has to be to rob a gas station. I can't imagine you'd get more than $200 at most, and that won't last you long. Someone's got it tough. At least they'll get a free meal tonight in jail.

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lisawj said...

i remember when we were shopping together at sundfresh and you tackled that guy stealing cheese.
i thought you had lost your mind.

and that photo is FRIGHTENING. i thought you were gonna say those are the new summer uniforms around there.