Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lauren Still Wants to Date Brody, but Hates Heidi

Lindsay's been hearing about it all weekend, she's sick too, but for those of you that haven't let me complain to you about how sick I was this weekend...

Friday I woke up with a pain in my jaw, right side. Thought I slept on it funny. Turns out it was a viral infection of the perotid gland. So it was kind of like having a lopsided case of the mumps. See the pic? My #1 got swollen and I couldn't chew until Tuesday.

But wait! You say that's not good enough? I agree. I also got a cold at the same time, thanks to the compromised immune system (according to the doc I saw) and
that woman from work snotting everywhere last week. So now I'm done sniffing, only coughing, with a headache.

My eyeballs hurt too. And my soul because I watched every episode of the MTV girly drama "The Hills" during my sick day from work. Ask me anything about it, I'm an expert. Sad.

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Tempest said...

You do know this is not a small deal, right?! omfg, Creighton. You should have called me instead of downplaying it in an email. Now I have all this backdated worring to do!