Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mr Bush's Fight Club (Part II)

The final and most interesting point directed our attention to the great American jihadist film: Fight Club. It's a perfect insight into the mental shaping of the most dangerous jihadists. The majority of Muslims are moderates and do not condone violence, the next segment are the Muslims that are frustrated and standing behind radical change groups, but do not openly inflict extreme violence on their ideological opponents. The protagonists in Fight Club are the terrorists that we fear and that we hunt down to kill as no amount of psychological influence effects them. This is who we should be fighting, with small scale clandestine special operations, to stem the growth of terrorist acts. It should be a surgical removal of this malignant element rather than an amputation of the culture. Fight Club is a textbook for jihad. Brad Pitt turns the spotlight on Ed Norton's emasculation and oppression and gives him the tools to finally be able to change his downward spiral, one that has been numb and distracted by cultural hedonism from any meaning. Ed Norton attempts to regain is influence on a world that has escaped him by acting out and violating it's rules to gain attention to what he believes is the death of not only his manhood, but everyone else's. It's a step by step how-to of the most extreme jihadists, the suicide bombers and the IED makers.

Tactically the American revolution was successful because of
guerrilla warfare. We still celebrate the antihero in our media with films like Rambo and Red Dawn the glorify Sampson vs Goliath match-ups where the once oppressed out think the enemy and defeat the large organized army because our motivation is ideologically more powerful and right wins over superior fire/manpower - in the movies. The possible lesson we learn is that we could possibly identify with the 'insurgent' Iraqis more than we despise them.

I hope our leadership, our media (Fox), even I get over the painting with only a black or white brush and 1.understand what fuels the rise of violence in Muslim cultures and 2. realize the majority of Muslims are not nefarious sleeper cells waiting to kill us when given the word. We can not afford to lump all of the problems into one generic Global War on Terrorism as the causes for each of the uprisings, that just happen to be predominately in Islamic countries, are separate and containable (ref: USS Mercy). We are no longer the "deciders" in the world, Mr Bush, as we were in the Cold War. However, we are the influencers. All we can do is influence and hope for the best.

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