Friday, February 23, 2007

Redneck Urges

I'm so looking forward to working on my Chevy again tomorrow. I don't know if the weather will hold out, I hear it's supposed to rain (shocking I know), but I'd love it to be dry and a little warm so I can get "big green ugly" as I call her, ready for Spring yardwork.

I finally adjusted the wipers last weekend, they had been stuck in the up position, as well as a few adjustments to the idle level and fan belt tension. My Dad got me a bunch of tools for Christmas last year and I'm happily busting up my knuckles more efficiently than ever now with the right tool for the job at hand. The Chevy is up on it's ramps in the back yard, waiting for me to slide under and figure out where the transmission leak is coming from so there's still plenty to do on her. I just added creeper to my might-get-this-weekend wish list in fact to avoid laying on the ground with I do my dirty work. Note the piece of cardboard I was using as my creeper in the picture above. There are something like 24 bolts on the trany case that I need to undo to change the gasket so I'll be there for a while, better get comfortable.

Someday I'd like to use this truck for actual picking up of things and not just learning how to work on cars with. Someday. I don't see that day anytime soon though. Still, I'm really looking forward to it. Wish me luck.

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