Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ballin' in Seattle

Thanks to the kindness of Cara (an ex-pat friend) offering up her tickets to the Mariners game Lindsay and I were able to spend an afternoon at the ballpark. Cara's tickets are awesome, and we were thrilled to have such great seats, right behind first base so the view is like being on the field.

Even though the sun was out today it was still a little chilly in the shade so Lindsay and I hike
d up to the upper deck of Safeco field to warm up and have ball park lunch and bask in the warm sun rays. I took a few pictures with my trusty phone. Every time I'm at Safeco I always notice how well it frames the city of Seattle. I took a pic of the view off the back deck of the stadium, looking out over the Sound across the port's cranes. Distinctively Seattle.

You'll also notice the foot long hot dog and hot chocolate we had. I'm sure it's really
good for us. Mmm, ballpark food. Aside from the slow as molasses Metro bus ride there (and even slower than molasses bus ride back) it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Big thanks to Cara for the hook up.

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