Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There But For the Grace of God

I happen to meet a lovely young woman the other day, and in passing she mentioned that her husband had died last year. The woman was attractive, about 30 years old, and distinctly had a sad look that overwhelmed her youthful attractiveness. She was careful when she talked about him, and we agreed in short order that material things don't really matter. I didn't ask how her husband died, but later I did find an article online talking about it, that has really effected me. He was an adventurous spirit, one that found what he loved, and who he loved. He moved across the country to find his life, and one day, as he was doing what he loved to do 150 feet below the surface of the water - he died. That was the end of him. He passed a great reminder on to me today. I'm thankful for that. We all need a reminder sometimes.

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