Monday, April 30, 2007

Water on the Brain

My water heater died. Well, it didn't die, it's on the edge of the bridge toes over the edge thinking about jumping. There's water leaking from the inner tank (the water container) into the outer container, and dripping all over/rusting the parts. I'm all over Craigslist like white on rice trying to get a used (newish) one. I can't stand the thought of going to Home Depot and forking over $400 for a new one, when there are so many out there for $200 on CL. Oodles of fun. There's nothing sexy about putting in a water heater. On the good news side I'm once again glad I got the truck to be able to transport this kind of thing. So what am I up to this week? Playing with water and electricity in the basement. Yippie!


lisawj said...

LOL.. i have bought 3 new water heaters in my life and had them installed....... $800 later ($2400) its a painful issue.

Tempest said...

Dad and I have put in 2 water heaters. It always fun. :P Have you looked into the tankless options?

Wear your wellies.