Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hamster Ball Derby

Don't ever let it be said that West Seattle doesn't have a big time sports scene. Who needs the Mariner's or the Seahawks when we've got the PetCo Hamster Ball Derby!

Lindsay and I met up with fellow thrill seekers Chris and Stacey, and after some rather tasty pizza, took trackside seats (aka stood in the PetCo aisles) for the festivities. It was a little weird that we were the only ones there without kids, or without a hamster. Yes, we actually came to watch the little fur balls run. Tears of disappointment flowed from some of the owners of the slower rodents, but for the most part everyone had a fun - even the hamsters.

After a Saturday like that what else could I possibly do to impress Lindsay? The bar has been set way too high.

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