Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bald is Beautiful

I had a dream about Britney Spears last night. Not even the "there we were--naked with peanut butter and a pickle" kind...then again these days I don't think anyone thinks that of her like that anymore. I had a dream that she was walking around my childhood neighborhood, in a black mourning dress. I asked her if she was ok and she thoughtfully looked at me and started to talk. We walked and talked around the neighborhood talking about nothing in particular. Then she turned her bald head to me and sincerely said, "Thanks for talking to me, I needed that." So now I'm harboring a weird feeling to defend Britney and tell people that she's not so nutty if you just talk to her about her problems. Weird eh?


lisawj said...

ive had that happen before - not about brittney - but i think it was freddie prinze jr. (LOL) if i continue im going to look nuttier than YOU. so.. ill stop. im watching inside edition right now about her..... she NEEDS help - i think thats what rock bottom looks like.

Tempest said...

This is wierd - I know of two other guys who had the same kind of dream as this on about the same day... kooky collective social unconscious.