Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How Tilling is Like Lays Potato Chips

I rented a tiller on Monday with thoughts of duplicating the recently made yard garden area on the other side of the yard. Like Lays Chips, I couldn't stop with just one tilling project. Once I felt the power of the tiller in my hands I was obsessed. Taken to a trance like state where I kept going and going, eventually tilling the entire 1500 sq ft yard into 3 inches of thrash (I did part of the front yard too). Now the yard is ready for sod and maybe ready to look like a green carpet for the first time in it's life. This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one.

So now the bad news. While I was driving the tiller
(it's self powered) up the heavy steel ramp it slipped, bounced, knocked the ramp off the tailgate of my truck (and on top of my foot) and both ramp and tiller came crashing down, the tiller plow front catching on the tailgate of my truck and buckling it from the impact. Sure I'm pissed that my new truck's tailgate is bent (still works, but I have to jam a screwdriver in there to get it to open), but I'm mostly thankful that I didn't get my foot crushed. My foot is bruised and sore from the ramp landing on it, but that's much better than smooshed and flat that could of occured if I didn't move fast enough and the tiller + ramp would have landed on it. Was that the protective spirit of the truck (recall the deceased owner of the truck if you will) at work?

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WonderPen said...

OK, so we need someone to come up to Michigan and till the garden there. You wouldn't have to bring the equipment either. Free room and board too.