Friday, July 20, 2007

6 Hours in Seat 30C

I'm back from Boston, and fully rested up. I can see why people love it over there, I already want to go back. I didn't get too much time to explore the city, most of the time was eating and meeting with the vendor. The vendor was great and it's always nice to see them and the food was exceptional (I had the roast duck, with the mango salsa just like the GEICO caveman!). I got back from a dinner in Concord about 11pm and after being inspired by reading the Wikipedia (smartphone!) on Boston in the car on the way back I had to explore, so I walked along Boston Commons, all the way to Fenway and back. It was mind blowing to be at the State House where the Boston Massacre took place. I really didn't know much about all this (being from Texas they kind of gloss over it in favor of Santa Anna and the Alamo) so it was riveting to learn - and actually be there. I was particularly struck by the Crispus Attucks story. The humid night of my wanderings made for a dramatic way to see the city and I could have wandered for hours more. I wish I could stay there longer but I was to be the occupant of seat 30C on the 6 hour flight back to Seattle.

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