Saturday, July 28, 2007

Next Career Move

I was just down at the BMW motorcycle dealer picking up parts for my bike and thanks to the friendly service tech, Neil, I was able to poke and prod both ends of the motorcycle spectrum. First there were a pair of WA State Patrol BMW bikes (ChiPs pictured here), in for their service. Cool. Cool. Cool. The mystique of a cop car with the power of a motorcycle - so yeah, I was all over it. Neato flashing LED lights, even a holster for the radar gun.

On the other hand Neil showed me a pair of bikes (1200GS Adventures) that had just come back from a trip across China. They were still dirty, spare tires still stacked on the back, scrapes and bumps accumulated from the other side of the planet.
All very inspiring bikes. BMWs are clearly the choice when you need the best motorcycle available. ...and of course I'm checking out Craigslist and doing envelope math to see how I can trade in my 650GS a new 1200GS.

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