Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to the Gym!

Oi! Just watched the British movie Shawn of the Dead, so I'm all about bullocks and oi. Anyways, that's got nothing to do with today's post. I've just returned to working out, from a month away. I'd been sick (still am a little) an entire month and just didn't want to work out for fear of not healing faster. Not that I was healing fast anyways. Plus it was a nasty cough and didn't want to nasty up the gym with my hacking. So I'm back at the gym. Been swimming a bit, lifting a little too. Ouch. Sore. Still, you gotta start somewhere. Somewhere might be in Boston though. I leave for a business trip tomorrow, hopefully the hotel has a pool or something to keep my promise to keep working out intact. Pics of buff me to come in a few months (don't hold your breath).

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Anonymous said...

Fitter healthier happier... but cha still "got a spot a red on ya"